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"There is no way I can convey how wonderful Collette is. Right before we started going to her daycare a nanny I had contracted didn't show up to work and I was left with no help. Collette responded immediately and even opened the daycare for me on a day she wasn't planning on opening. My daughter Alma was going through some severe separation anxiety due to her father traveling and being absent for long stretches of time. I was concerned that she would have a hard time adjusting. I was completely wrong. Within 5 minutes of meeting Collette - she was in love. My daughter asks about her every day and brags to her grandparents that she is going to Collette's house on the days I drop her off. Collette is one of those special souls that children are undeniably attracted to. She makes my daughter feel safe, looked after and is a fantastic playmate. Please spread the word about her. She's trying to build her business and she's a rare caregiver we want to see thrive!"

- Maite Alvarez


"Collette has been the best choice I’ve made in the life of my son. She has the best care with the most love for her students. Her daycare is intimate and professional driven with respect and love.

The set up is amazing and allows the children to grow and learn with a gentle teacher whom dedicates time to each student. My son flourished in her daycare within days after a terrible experience elsewhere.

I cannot recommend Collette’s daycare enough. I trust my son with her wholeheartedly. Amazing teacher, caregiver, and over all person.r information that you want to share with your visitors." 

- Yasmine Garate  

"Our experience at Colette's has been very positive. It's like grandma's house! My kids, 2 and 4 were happy together playing and learning, accompanying each other and bonding to their "classmates". The entire staff at this Day Care is so warm and they really care about my boys and treated us with great respect all the time. Colette, Cynthia and Maria greeted us always with a smile in the morning and in the afternoon when we return to pick up Joaquin and Martin, even though I was always late!. What a great place for children! Thank you very much for an unforgettable experience dearest Colette :) "

María Consuelo Chang

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